a circular business strategy

We also believe in giving ourselves a second chance. After a long career in the fashion industry, we thought it was time to change course and embrace the circular way of working.

At Re-Banner, we draw from our experience to guide your entire project.

Our Mission: An open and transparent collaboration in the Circular Economy.

Our Vision: To reduce waste flow by processing advertising banners or other discarded materials to new items.

Our background and drive

Our experience in the fashion industry has given us many insights. Often positive, but we are also in a great position to take a critical look at the complex supply chain and transparency. Circular thinking and working is essential for a sustainable future.

‘I have always enjoyed working in fashion, and as a result I understand its impact on the environment. Re-Banner gives me the opportunity to passionately dedicate myself to the circular economy.’
‘After years of working in the fashion industry, I want to commit myself to do more for a sustainable future. I can make full use of my knowledge and network at Re-Banner.’


RE-BANNER is a brand of
Laninx VOF - Amsterdam

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