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Among Handpicked’s customers are some big names. We will mention just a few examples; Nespresso, Brabantia or Sligro. Handpicked are the 270 faces, each with their own discipline and character, that make up Handpicked’s award-winning team.


Together with the customer, Handpicked forms a team to take on the challenge that lies ahead. That challenge can be in areas such as SEO, A/B testing or Art direction.


The culture within Handpicked is based on self-management and trust. A wonderful team of committed colleagues, who are down-to-earth, hospitable and not averse to partying. The 3 editions of the Handpicked festival are the cherries on the cake.


For us it was a pleasure to make colourful travel cases from used banners of the Handpicked festival. We hope that these will visit many beautiful destinations with the Handpicked colleagues!

Project Ayden
Project Ayden
Project Ayden
logo Ayden

Daphne: Well received! Thanks for that. Looks very nice! It’s also nice that we added that banner, there will be nice variants.

Thank you and see you next time!

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