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“City Dressing” is a well-known concept for the people who work in that sector. The City & Event Dressing concept developed by Van der Valk-VMF focuses on the most effective possible presentation of an event. Placing flags and banners all over the city and on the access roads brings the event to life among the people.


A lot of City Dressing is done in Amsterdam. Many flags and banners regularly decorate the city, with the many events taking place.


Fantastic that Van der Valk-VMF thought about the end-of-life of the beautiful banners in a sustainable and circular way. They were heavy PVC banners, printed on both sides. We made beautiful sports bags out of it, which were given away as a Christmas gift. The print was with the well-known 3 X logo of Amsterdam, and the sports bags have become colorful and unique. We were even allowed to put our Re-Banner logo on it. Happy again with this commission and proud of this result!

Project Ayden
Project Ayden
Project Ayden
logo Ayden

René Mansvelt:

“We have received the cartons with the sports bags. They look great and many thanks!”


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