Project cell signaling

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is a unique kind of life sciences company. It is founded, owned and run by active research scientists. They maintain the highest standards of product and service quality, technological innovation and scientific rigor. In doing so, they provide fellow scientists around the world with best-in-class products and services to fuel their quests for discovery. CST is a company of caring people driven by a commitment to facilitating good science – a company committed to doing the right thing for their customers, their communities and our planet.


Based on this dedication, they wanted to do something with the roll-up banner that they no longer used from various fairs and events and we were approached. In consultation with us, it was decided to make bags from this. An assignment that we have carried out with pleasure.


Project Ayden
Project Ayden
logo Ayden

Dineke Kuiper:

“Thank you for the great cooperation. Beautiful functional new products have been made from old roll ups! It is still a surprise for our colleagues”

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